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A Vision for a City Today, a City of Vision Tomorrow

The China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC) continues as the next iconic project of China-Singapore cooperation after the Suzhou Industrial Park and Tianjin Eco City. The SSGKC project was jointly initiated by leaders from Guangdong and Singapore to serve as a strategic development platform and a model for economic transformation and industrial upgrading. The groundbreaking ceremony of SSGKC was held on 30 June 2010.

  • China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City :A unique, vibrant city sustainable development
  • China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City :A unique, vibrant city sustainable development
A Knowledge-based City to “Live, Work, Learn and Play”

SSGKC is positioned as a unique, vibrant and sustainable city that is highly attractive to both talents and knowledge-based industries. In the next 20 years, SSGKC, covering an area of 123 sq km, is expected to house a live-in population of 500,000 and will provide a harmonious 'live, work, learn and play' environment.

Backed by Favorable Policies and an Engine for Guangdong's Economic Transformation

In September 2008, Guangdong and Singapore jointly proposed the concept of SSGKC as an iconic project of China-Singapore collaboration. The Knowledge City Administrative Committee was granted municipal-level authorities, which contains legal provisions in many areas.

Since the founding of the SSGKC project, it has been viewed as a model for Guangdong's economic transformation. Favorable policies have been granted to ensure the smooth implementation and development in the areas of talent development, industry promotion, technology, and finance.